A trip to Ranikhet

After my fellowship got over, I travelled to the hills for a week. It was a week of clicking, trekking and eating.  

The women of Hardoi

As part of a project that I was working with, I was also documenting stories and pictures of the people involved in the production of moonj handicrafts. Here is a series of pictures of the women I met through my journey in the district of Hardoi, located near the city of ¬†Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh….

Copper Lane, Kasba Peth

A majority of Punekars flock to the Peth to visit Kasba Ganpathi¬†but they miss out on the treasures and secrets that lie within Kasba. During one such photo walk, I happened to walk into the copper lane. A narrow street situated on the insides of the Peth, brimming with the smell of Brasso. One can…

The extra-ordinaries.

For the first time, I did not have to ask my subject to strike a pose or to look at the camera deliberately. We go around looking for people who would look good for the camera, sometimes absolutely aimlessly. But they are all around us – they always have been.

Here’s a series on people we happen to overlook.

The Story of Moonj

Moonj handicrafts are made out of wild grass found in the vast fields of Uttar Pradesh. Here is a photo story of the journey I embarked upon while documenting seventeen villages, interacting with Self Help Groups and engaging with the communities. I uncovered stories of pride, sorrow and joy that emerged out of this dying handicraft.

The little pathshala. (The little school)

During my visit in Hardoi, I went to a school in Ramgarh, Lucknow. I spoke to some kids and decided to capture their excitement, hoping this picture story would do justice to the happiness each kid felt

The A-Z Project

Finding alphabets through the streets of Pune. Some were a little dicey to find and others, not so much. Excuse the G and Z. Y was a miracle and M was a viola moment. When I would point my camera at a tree, people thought I was clicking an exotic creature because a crowd would collect with each attempt. Surprisingly, a lot of people understood what I was up to. And a lot of them even helped me find alphabets in the city.